Monday, September 30, 2013

Gathering Gems

As an artist who has painted and done a huge variety of creative things throughout my life, I still feel like an emerging artist. I have so much more to learn. I have a vision of where I want my art to go and how I want to paint. Like a video game where one must collect gems to get to the next level, so it is in my pathway to higher art. If you don't know where the gems are hidden or get blocked by demons, monsters and dead ends, the gathering of these gems takes a lot longer. There is no cheating, or shortcuts, only perseverance and diligence.
I will fight my demons, slay the monsters and turn in new directions. Like the video game I will enjoy the journey, embrace the frustration and keep gathering those elusive gems.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Needing to be Returned

Needing to Be Returned
9x12 oil on paper
I finished this small still life today. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. This latest series has been a lot of fun to paint. Working from life instead of a photo I think has immensely helped how I see a subject and to determine what is important  as in what goes into the painting and what gets left out.
When I set up a still life, I may spend quite a bit of time arranging items, adding and subtracting until I am pleased with the look. I make my hand into a spy tube or look  through a paper roll to narrow in on the scene and see if it works for me.
I hope you enjoy this painting. Any purchase inquiries please contact me through

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Needing to be Returned a bit further

Altered back ground a bit and started on the 2 left hand jars. Time to do something different today.

Needing to be Returned

I haven't posted must on my blog lately, that doesn't mean I haven't been painting. In fact just the opposite is true. I have been painting most days and posting to facebook. But I need to get back to blogging.
I have been painting some still lifes lately, mostly in the chiaroscuro style, or light from dark. I have a simple set up; a cardboard box painted black inside and a light. I have it set up so it is eye level when I am sitting at the easel.
This morning started of with heavy rain, I did not want to go any where. My canvas supply all seems to be on the big to very big size. I remembered I have some Arches oil paper. I taped a piece of Arches oil paper onto a piece of gator board. It is slightly bigger than 9x12. I can trim and mount it on a 9x12 board later if I want.
After setting up my still life; an idea I had from my kitchen counter which was becoming a gathering place for jars that need to go back to their owners. I did not pencil in but drew directly onto the paper will red oil paint and blocked in a thin layer of paint.
Now I remember! This paper absorbs a lot of the oil paints in the first layers, a tad challenging for my alla prima style of painting. I painted on a layer  of colour. I will let it dry and come back in with more local colours. This mushing in of colour will help me retain soft edges.