Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coffee and Email

Today the Victoria Sketch Club went to Fernwood to paint. So much detail it was hard to choose a scene. The doorway of this cafe intrigued me. When I set up there was another man sitting in the opposite chair. He left just as I started then this man sat down. But he soon left. I had him blocked in but most of him is from memory. Oh the joys of en plein air. After I came home I touched up some highlights.  My daughter saw it and said it was Fernwood so I guess I sorta got the idea.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Way to The Barracks

Day 5
I had quite a typical lazy Yellowpoint day. Then in the afternoon I was discussing art and "teaching" with a yellowpoint buddy and this is the little study I did in about 30 minutes.

Many Changing Lights

Day 4 I painted the same car but from a different angle. I stood in the trees and was lunch for mosqitoes. The light kept changing so did my painting.

Headlamp Web

On day 3 of our vacation I painted this painting. It is of an old Ford sedan car. What stories could it tell? hmmm.

Moss Top Jalopy

My husband Glen and I are at our annual Yellowpoint Summer vacation. While here I decided I would paint everyday. The first day did not produce great results, will be painted over.
On Day 2 I painted Moss Top Jalopy and sold it to one of the yellowpoint gang. Yippy!