Monday, February 4, 2013

I am Back/ Artist Block

Here is a work in progress. I am calling it The Last Parking Spot. An oil 48x36. Long way to go.

I am back> I want to talk about artistic blocks. I have been avoiding my art studio quite completely since the early fall. I did venture into it before Christmas as I had a small commission that needed to get done but really I stayed away.

I don't think many artists really want to admit that they are suffering a block, or experiencing a prolonged period of procrastination. But I am willing to state that is exactly what I have been facing.

I could give you a million excuses. I have some idea what happened but all I know is that it did. I can honestly say I felt that I had run out of ideas and that I had forgotten how to push paint. I had lost the ability to judge my own work and was relying too much on the outside world. Prior to this happening I was trying to paint daily and also do a lot of plein air.  I suffer from perfectionism and seeing paintings that were less than my standard, childish and amateurish hit me hard. Another thing ,I wasn't creating things that sung to me and that was soul zapping.

Have you ever felt like you were pushing too hard against the universe? I did and it seemed to push back, so I needed to stop pushing.

I don't want you to think that I sat around for months watching the TV and eating candy. I always need to be creating, and in that space of time have sewn alot and have established myself, in a small way, as a sewing instructor and custom clothier. This is a passion I wish to continue.

So what has brought me back? Well the tremendous support of the Victoria Chapter of the FCA. By seeing their artwork and experiencing the friendship I was inspired to create. Another thing that happened was a friend of my daughter, who upon returning from a 4 month vacation asked to see what was on my easel. With embarassment I realized it was the same painting I was starting just as she left and I had not gone any further with it. Thank you Gina.

I cannot guarantee that I will paint everyday, I do have a budding sewing business you know, but I am no longer scared to walk down the hallway and turn right into my art studio.  I am going to let the universe guide (God to me and others who feel the same) me and see what happens.

Well it time to clean my brushes for the night.


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  1. Hey Buddy
    it sounds like you are beginning to be kind to yourself, and to recognize that the ebb and flow of your muse is not something to tangle with. instead, let the energy take you toward and away from your various passions without judgement. You are a FABULOUS graphic artist, but you also have great strengths as a fabric wielder - and then there is the fibre side of your passion. AND you are a stunning cook, with an ever changing focus on food and nutrition and nourishing the souls of your folk. If you can finally be kind to yourself by letting the god-breezes take you where you are meant to be in this moment/hour/week/month, then those of us who love you will all breathe a sigh of relief and get to indulge in whatever (WHATEVER) joyous creativity you choose to explore. It is all good, girlfriend. it is all beyond good!. Glad you are happy to pick up a brush for a while, 'cause you are a darn fine painter. But I celebrate your return to fabric and fibre and food. 'cause you flourish in these visceral spaces, too! The world needs your creativity, and not just locked into a box with a paintbrush. we will take it all! XXXX Teri