Thursday, May 8, 2014

Auntie (anti) Muse

Today I stamped my feet, got mad and told auntie-muse to leave me alone.
I will ride with the muse sisters.
As an artist our hearts, passions and vision are guided and encouraged by the muses. I have been struggling these past few months with direction and focus. I felt like I have lost the passion. I had let rejection, comments get to me. This morning I realized auntie muse had wrapped me in her arms, soothed me and whispered false niceties in to my ear. I liken it to falling off a bike. Instead of being forced to get back on  and ride even stronger I was wrapped in a soothing blanket and told I wasn't ever going to ride a bike and to come inside and play with dolls. I would be content to play with dolls and riding a bike should be left to others. But I CAN ride a bike and it was only a wobble. Sit up straight, eyes where I am going, build strength and be confident.
I will ride. Push hard on the uphills and  laugh with glee as I feel the thrill of the ride. I know auntie muse is always there but when she sees how well I ride maybe she will go inside and play with dolls.

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