Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back in the Saddle

The things we do to ourselves as artists. We aren't very nice to ourselves sometimes. 2014 was not a good year for me art wise, a fair amount of rejections accompanied by being in a muddle. Not sure which caused what. 
This year has been so much better for my creativity. I did something that took my creativity to new places and heights. I was costume designer for a local and long standing theatre group. Les Miserables with 39 cast members. A huge challenge and undertaking, and I pulled it off with huge success. Please do not dismiss community theatre costuming as trifle. The budget was substantial, and I had 10 seamstress along with myself all working furiously. And all for an understated look that was 'period perfect' as the local arts critic said. This show got 5/5 stars and people said it was the best Les Miz they had ever seen.
Another big thing I did was get off Facebook. It was doing nothing for my self esteem. I do not miss it in the least. I am reading more because instead of surfing FB, I spend that down time reading. 
So I am back in the saddle, confident that I have a brain that works, I am still creative and the petty BS that comes in the art world is unimportant to who I am. I am working towards my solo show this summer, the Old School House (TOSH), Qualicum Beach, BC, August 10- September 5. Formal still lifes.
I am also enjoying painting abstracts. I am seeing some of my own unique style emerging. Mark making. I just wanted to share a bit, I guess in a small way I miss that about not being on FB. Happy day all.

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