Thursday, July 18, 2013

Reflections, Reflections, Reflections

Some Old Things
Oil on Canvas Panel
 I have been playing with reflections again. I love where my mind goes when I am painting the wonderful mini abstracts that are found within reflections.
An idea for a series has been percolating in my brain, using the textures found on old reflective items. Although this painting is not quite within my series vision it is a really good starting point. And I love the play of textures against the many reflective surfaces.
This chiaroscuro style still life was painted live. Meaning I set up the still life in my studio, played with the arrangement and lighting until I was happy, spiked the floor where the easel was and around the lamp setup. Then I was like a worried mother hen, nagging anyone who came within 10 feet of my studio not to touch my setup. I did take reference photos in the event something went amiss But I never used them.
Right at the start this painting almost went into the garbage. Not because of the image or my painting but because I was using a new to me painting support. This is a multi media canvas panel. It is designed for aqueous mediums so it absorbed the first layer of oil paints like a sponge. The paint just did not move well. I persevered learning how to work with it. I am really glad I did. The surface is very fine and shows no weave texture through the painting. It is only 3/4 in thick, solid and very light.
Happy Painting

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