Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two Ends

I don't know how many other artists feel the extreme polarization of artistic paths. I paint ina realistic style. I have had some success in my current style but to me I still seem stilted somehow. Not sure f this is within me or judgements placed on that style. Lately I have done a few abstracts. They are fun and sometimes very theraputic. And again moderate succss some people liking them others not.

I want to take my painting up to then next level. I want to fly but I guess I don't now in what direction. Sometimes I feel like I am falling and my wings are made of lead. And sometime i wnt to burn all my paintings and throw my brushes in the garbage.

So here is my dilema, Realism and high realism presents, growth and challenges. I must strive for increased technical understanding. painting Realism is in a way highly abstracted. Realism from life and less from photoreferences.
Painting abstracts is also a huge challenge for the realist in me. There is a lot of technical  knowledge that must be applied in  order forthe painting to look good and have merrit. will sleep on this and then get into my studio omorrow and see what happens.

I guess I

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