Friday, January 17, 2014

Now Seriously Folks

Enough of the silly stuff I say. Get real, get active, get serious. I think the discipline of actually getting into the studio daily is very good. And painting daily is very noble. But I am drawn more to my studio when I have a big "meaty" work on my easel. I am the one painting at a time type of person. When I have a big/challenging painting I can get totally lost in the studio for days. I have been known to call it a day, and pop in at bedtime to check on what I had created and get so wrapped up in the work that I paint until the wee hours of the morning, The house is cold, my hands stiff and unable to move out of brush holding position and when I crawl into bed I send my husband leaping to the moon as my icy feet touch him.
30 paintings in 30 days, I chose to do abstracts. uh like uh why?
What did I learn?
1. I am a realist through and through. And although I may have some different ideas, my work will always, in some fashion be based, on representational subjects
2. Leave those amazing non-representational works of art to the fantastic artists who do them so well, which is not me.
3. I like big projects (not necessarily big canvases) where in each one offers me a personal challenge or area of artistic growth.

Is it a personal failure if I do not complete my 30 paintings or has the objective of this challenge been met? I am drawn to the studio but not in obligation to paint small quick studies. I know where I want to go, I think I know how to get there but I know this 30 in 30 challenge is not the main road but a meandering country road which will surely get me lost.

Enough of the silly stuff I say! Get real!. Get active! GET SERIOUS!

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