Saturday, January 7, 2017

Calming the Ping Pong Brain

Today is day 7. It is Saturday, there is a crew chopping down a tree in the front yard. My DH is watching hockey and I have nothing to do. This Tapestry Diary is great in calming down my busy brain. For over a year I have been in business mode. Get things done, deal with this, deal with that, what do people need. Today feels like lightness. I am sure the business will return but for now I am calm.
I have made it a practice of quiet while I weave. No radio, no music or TV. Just my thoughts and thinking about the warp and the weft, the colours, the textures.
I am learning constantly. One yarn has completely frustrated me. It is a lofty single and breaks nearly upon breathing. I will use it sparingly but maybe I will add twist to it on my spinning wheel.
As I am weaving my mind is creating and building tapestries. It is good for me to slow down and focus on this one piece.

Warp and weft, combined
Feeling fiber, soft and coarse
Slow Art calming me.

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