Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Palette

Happy New Year!

I have gathered a small portion of my Handspun plus a bit of other yarns from my stash to create my palette for my Tapestry Diary. I see that I am lacking in greens. Okay I have a great swack of green wool but it is tagged for a sweater, so I am not touching that. I see I will need to dye some yarns or scrounge.
One of my goals for this year is to not spend too much on craft/art and to use and or finish up some ufos.
I have been thinking about my personal criteria for my tapestry diary. Width will be based on the amount of seine twine I have but no wider than 20". It turned out to be 16" wide. No cartoon(under drawing), priority of yarns will be Handspun but other yarns are 100% okay. I can change alter at will during my weaving  session but cannot alter a previous day's work. Each day's work will be marked by a woven line of colour (as yet to be determined). My emphasis will be on learning technique all the while thinking colour and design.

And most importantly no judgement. This is a journey.

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