Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I asked myself what I wanted to accomplish. I also listened to my heart to hear what it was telling me.
1. Loosen up. By that I mean get my head out of must look like/ubber tight
2. A consistent or progressive direction.
3. Use supplies I already have. Money being tight and having a gazillion art supplies already. To use what I have on hand.
4. Storage is an issue for canvases. So paper. I have 2 drawers full in my flat file with acid free folio paper. 22x30
A few months ago I bought Steven Aimone's book expressive drawing.
So here is my plan. Using folio paper taped to a large canvas or other support I will work my way through Steven's book.
My month of 30 paintings and exploration into expressive drawing; a departure from realism while refueling my creative soul.
(I am sure my fingers may find their way into the application of medium)

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  1. YEAH, now THAT is my courageous friend and amazing role model - showing how to grab the challenge with both hands and do it in a way that deals with all your 'what ifs' SUPER idea to use a resource you already have (the book) and the supplies you already have, and apply the discipline of the 30 days. I look forward to whatever you choose to share, buddy!