Thursday, June 28, 2012

'51 Moffat

'51 Moffat (AKA Tofu Oven)
Oil on Gesobord

Well having had a couple of days away from painting and trying to recommit  myself to painting daily, I chose to paint my beautiful '51 Moffat Range. It is like having a Buick in the kitchen. Tofu oven is what Glen called it when I bought it, he was not pleased with me... another story. 

Some days I think are not meant to be painting days. AND today was one of them.  Maybe I am tired or too much coffee, not enough coffee, wrong height  of the pochade box, not wearing the right underwear. Goodness only knows....

I used a teeny tiny palette knife to add some highlights, Note to self must do a plein air in only palette knife soon. And yes my tiles behind the range are big blue and green tiles.

Painting done can I curl up and read now?

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